We have a new family member! Welcome Orbi- Celestial Son of Shilo

We are so excited to introduce the latest addition to our family, ORBI


Any one who knows Shilo knows he has an amazing way of being almost supernatural. He can literally disappear and reappear in a totally different spot, he can literally read your mind and I believe he is in touch with the universe in a way that keeps us in awe. He has a way of bringing the spirit Orbs out to play. So much so that we named his latest son, “Orbi – Celestial Son of Shilo”  Who as you will see shares his gift. He is one of a kind gorgeous.. on the inside and out. A True English Cream Golden Retriever and a true Gentleman. And has the mystical qualities that only Shilo has. We know Shilos pups are known for Service and Therapy, high intelligence and for their unconditional love but we are going to show you his really special gift, we would like to invite you all to join our new You tube Channel that is all about “Shilos Arctic Star” His son Orbi and his magical Rancho Corbello where the animals bond with a higher force. He’s Not just the top California stud and daddy to over 500 amazing pups across the country but he is also a saint that brings joy and unconditional Love to the world thru his amazing connection with the universe. He has opened my eyes to a world I never dreamed possible.

Please subscribe to he and Orbi’s fanciful and fun you tube channel (coming soon) where we capture fun and supernatural day to day events…oh and teach you how be one with the critters. 

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