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After a 4 year search for the best of the best we finally found them!!! We are very excited to be affiliated with the best pet products in my opinion “In the entire world”!!!  Lifes Abundance and Nuvet

You may of heard that English Cream Golden Retrievers are thought to be healthier and have longer life spans and less hip eye and heart problems. After a ton of my own personal research I have found this to be true – That is why Shilo is “Improving the American Standard.”  Both of his grandparents died at almost 16 years old and his 10 generation  pedigree shows us this is standard as well as all their hip scores being Good or Excellent and no history of Dysplasia. I can’t help but believe it is due to how they were raised and I try to replicate this as much as possible.  In Europe and Canada they were not subjected to the harsh chemicals, food additives and unnecessary immunizations. No need for heartguard and flea powders and other products that deplete their natural defense. Instead they were raised on big ranches and feed raw caught meats and foul, porridges of sweet potatoes and vegetables. Raw carrots were a treat. And their life expectancy showed it! Shilos granddad just died at almost 16 years old.

It is known that a “Raw” diet is superior for this breed and I have done a lot of research to find a product that comes close to this instead of the American standard where the nutrient value of food is almost always altered by the kind of processing it undergoes.  Pet food is unique. Unlike with human foods, many of the starting ingredients used in commercial dog foods have already been extensively processed (e.g., meat and bone meal, tallow, rice bran, etc.), all of the ingredients in the diet are mixed together and then processed under fairly harsh conditions (e.g., extrusion) and the finished product is expected to be shelf-stable for more than a year. I don’t know about you but that’s not my idea of a healthy meal – but I don’t think any of us have the time to go hunting either so lucky for us I found a product bypasses all the bad processing and good news your dog will LOVE it! It’s called Lifes Abundance. Click below to find out more and order or call michelle 909-336-8795


You will never have to worry about food recalls – our product is fresh to your door…just to get an idea of how disgusting the pet food industry is please get on this recall list. So any pets dying needlessly everyday. Don’t let yours be the next!

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Pet Recall Sites

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I’m attaching an email that I recently sent out as well as a response I got from a breeder that just switched over to LA. (pretty cool}

Hi Michelle,

One of my owners came today to pick their pup and she showed me a book on Golden Doodles that she bought. She’s keeping her pup on Life’s Abundance and told me every breeder interviewed in the book uses Life’s Abundance. Pretty cool.


Hi Friends and family,

So being evacuated from the Wildomar Fire was pretty Darn Scary, Thank God we had incredible fire fighters and wonderful friends who helped out and boarded our animals.

Speaking of the animals, I wanted to share something else that’s really scary…seeing how it is Halloween and all. I just got this article about Blue Buffalo pet food recalls. Dogs are having kidney failure and much more from the lead in it! This came just a few days after a client called and told me her dog is basically a vegetable from the Purina dog food that was recalled. There are so many symptoms from itching, to twitching to teary eyes and personality disorders. PLEASE take the time to really make sure your pet is not getting poisoned and stick with reliable sources!! I have spent 4 years trying to find a product I can trust and I just put Lifes Abundance as an affiliate on Shilo’s web site. It may cost a little more than some store brands but it is fresh and natural and never sits in hot storage areas or store shelves. Goes from fresh to your door! Plus it has never had a recall, it has pre and probiotics and supplements’ that will actually get absorbed…oh and it has a money back guarantee. They are amazing products (for dogs, cats and people too) and every pet I introduce it to LOVES it! It is available on Shilo’s site.  or Click on this link to order direct


I also like to recommend  NuVet  Tabs

They are a truly great supplement as this video attests Click here to order from their site NUVET – be sure to use my registration code when checking out! #85046