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We have a new family member! Welcome Orbi- Celestial Son of Shilo

We are so excited to introduce the latest addition to our family, ORBI


Any one who knows Shilo knows he has an amazing way of being almost supernatural. He can literally disappear and reappear in a totally different spot, he can literally read your mind and I believe he is in touch with the universe in a way that keeps us in awe. He has a way of bringing the spirit Orbs out to play. So much so that we named his latest son, “Orbi – Celestial Son of Shilo”  Who as you will see shares his gift. He is one of a kind gorgeous.. on the inside and out. A True English Cream Golden Retriever and a true Gentleman. And has the mystical qualities that only Shilo has. We know Shilos pups are known for Service and Therapy, high intelligence and for their unconditional love but we are going to show you his really special gift, we would like to invite you all to join our new You tube Channel that is all about “Shilos Arctic Star” His son Orbi and his magical Rancho Corbello where the animals bond with a higher force. He’s Not just the top California stud and daddy to over 500 amazing pups across the country but he is also a saint that brings joy and unconditional Love to the world thru his amazing connection with the universe. He has opened my eyes to a world I never dreamed possible.

Please subscribe to he and Orbi’s fanciful and fun you tube channel (coming soon) where we capture fun and supernatural day to day events…oh and teach you how be one with the critters. 


English Cream Golden Love is the Best! Our Unconditional Love can be yours!

Known for our amazing life spans, great health, perfect conformation, very light cream color, great silky hair and calm intelligent personalities. They really don’t get better! Daddy Shilos Arctic star is both a National and International Grand Champion English Cream Golden Retriever, as well as service dog, and is certified in everything from Agility to Obedience.All parents (Shilo, Sadie and Bette Davis) have all of their breed requirements met (OFA hips, Heart and eyes with Good ratings) And live in Murrieta and San Diego Ca. We do ship and will happily face time or Skype with you if you live a distance away.  Check out our puppies up and puppies coming page for more info and give us a call right away as we only have a few of us left. 
Contact   909 336-8795   adoption application 





Looking for the Best English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies in the world?

You have come to the right place! 2020 has truly blessed us with the most incredible selection of puppies to ever behold! Here is just a sampling of our gorgeous Golden Retriever Puppies from Southern California – Coast to Coast. But they go fast so PLEASE do your research and read our site to see what separates us from the rest. Make sure you know the entire history of your puppy so you know that they will have long, healthy lives!  Go to the puppies up and coming page and the Shilos ladies pages for more info. See what separates us from the others.   909 336-8795   adoption application 2018

Shilo and Sadies Puppies Have Arrived!!!! 11 Beautiful Champagne Golden Retriever Puppies!

Beautiful AKC English/American Golden Retriever puppies!
We believe selecting your new fur family member is like adopting a child. You want amazing personality, dynamic character, superior health and a history of Long healthy lives. We do our research and breed to create that perfect pup. From COIs to OFAs and a thorough follow up program we are there for you! This litter between Golden Sadie Bennett and Shilos Arctic Star has it all! Plus we have color. Beautiful hues of silky creme to deep champagne, and to make it even better we have the magic number 6 BOYS AND 5 GIRLS! Get your applications in soon! We look forward to adding you to our forever family.
Click on the Red tabs to discover more about Shilo.
Text Michelle at 909-336-8795
Or email

CHECK US OUT – Thanksgiving Puppies!

They don’t come cuter and with such great pedigrees!
Perfect English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies
Call us and reserve yours!
Go to the puppy page for more information
Call Michelle 909-336-9875

Congratulations O’HANA! Yeah Shilo, 9 very Unique English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

Born September 12th 2019 This litter between Shilo’s Arctic Star and O’Hana (out an International Champion mother INT/NAT CH Nenuoramos Fionas Legand At Lucky Charms and champion father NatCH, IntCH, HnrCH Tucker Otis Golden Sunshine) Is nothing less then perfect. American, English, Canadian and Finland – champions all the way. This breeding has an amazingly low COI, to ensure great health and longevity. The pups are very light cream. The parents are both of great temperament and conformation with Good OFA hips. From the perfect service dog to family pet these will qualify. Get your name on our list, these won’t last long!
See more on our Puppy Page
Email your  application to


Lots of Puppies need trained – here’s how!


We Have English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies!!

Just Born 8/1/2019
9 little beauties out of Charlie and Shilo. They are very light cream with nice black pigmentation, (nose, eyeliner) They are fully AKC registered and both parents are OFA certified (hips, elbows, heart, eyes) We have 6 males and 3 females and are taking deposits. The dam has a very nice temperament and fabulous conformation and the litter owner has two darling children that will coddle and socialize them every day. Please text me to get an application.
Michelle – 909-336-8795

Summer Litters Are Arriving – Claim yours!

7/23/2019 So excited to have our summer puppies Arriving. We have some real beauties up.. and coming. From Jazmin we have the following 3 available. She is a beautiful American Golden with Good OFA’s and a wonderfully low COI (no inbreeding here). Our next litter of English Creams are due next week. I’ll keep you posted! Get on the list ASAP! They go fast!
text michelle 909-336-8795
or email adoption application 2018

Don’t be a Victim of Dog Food Recalls

Why Consumers Trust Life’s Abundance Pet Food


NOTE: Life’s Abundance is not the subject of any FDA investigations or cases of DCM.

The FDA’s June 27 update linking 16 dog food brands to reports of the canine heart disease dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) has pet parents understandably concerned. Our hearts go out to affected families, and we’re happy to address your questions about our brand.

Our Purpose is You

At Life’s Abundance we are fueled by our passion for helping families, including pets, live longer, happier, healthier lives. You and your family are at the top of our minds as we develop products, select ingredients, choose suppliers and answer your questions.

If you already feed your companion Life’s Abundance food, thank you for placing your trust in us. If you or someone you know is considering making a switch, we hope you will choose Life’s Abundance.

Our way of thinking sets us apart, but it doesn’t end there.

  • Authenticity. We don’t buy into fads and marketing gimmicks. Our formulas are based on proven science and evolve only when research confirms that an adjustment will provide a nutritional benefit. In fact, because we are proactive in our approach, we were among the first to include guaranteed probiotics in our foods.
  • Guaranteed Taurine. We guarantee minimum amounts of taurine in all of our dry dog foods. Though this nutrient is not required by AAFCO, we have always seen it as an important and beneficial supplement in our dog foods.
  • Regular Testing. We regularly test all of our dry foods. Some tests are standard protocol and some go above and beyond standard requirements. For example, after a 2018 FDA report indicated there may be a link between DCM and taurine deficiency, we re-tested taurine levels in all of our dry dog food diets. Then, later that year we re-tested Vitamin D after a series of recalls due to an excess of this nutrient. In all cases, we remain vigilant about the safety of our products.
  • Proven Results. For two decades families like yours have trusted us to provide the best nutrition for their pets. Generations of dogs and cats have thrived on our products and thousands of pet parents have shared their experience through reviews we can be proud of.
  • Feeding Trials in Process. We recognize the importance of standardized, scientific testing and the value of Feeding Trials and we are underway with the process to trial all of our dry dog foods.
  • Quick Notification System. We are proud of the fact that we have never had a recall. But, what we are most thrilled with is our Quick Notification System. Unlike most brands, because we have a direct relationship with customers, in the event there is ever an issue with a product, we will be able to notify consumers immediately. Rather than waiting to hear about a problem in the news, from a friend, or never hearing about it all, Life’s Abundance will contact you directly by email, phone or even mail. That’s a level of service you simply can’t get anywhere else.

As a company and as pet parents ourselves, news of events like DCM makes us pause to acknowledge what it means to be based on a foundation of integrity, and to appreciate those families whose well being our products support.

Be assured, we are monitoring this investigation closely and will provide updates as they become available.