Happy Fourth of July! From California’s #1 Stud

So our Spring puppies are in their forever homes and we are gearing up for Fall. That was a record spring with 49 pups on the ground. Shilo Rocks!

If you are looking to breed with a professional that has serious results then look no further! It’s not just our amazing pedigree but it’s our team that set us apart. A team of professionals that make your vision come true. From the first call to the last pup leaves your door we are there for you! We have a unique system that pretty much guarantees pregnancy. We don’t have you leave your dog at a strange place with a strange dog for days at a time like most breeders instead we use a reputable service (Canine Cryobank in San Marcos, CA) that ensures all conditions are perfect and assists in the breeding, taking only 30 minutes not 2 or 3 days.  If you are looking for a high Quality stud and a service that will guide you to a successful breeding you have come to the right place! Shilo is available for fresh chilled and frozen as well.

Shilo is a proven breeder with over 350 pups on the ground. Now that’s worth a celebration!



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