Puppies Puppies Everywhere! How do I choose?

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So Jovi and Shilos babies are now a little over three weeks old, their eyes are open and they are motoring everywhere. They are gorgeous hues of cream, some so light they should be called white and some with beautiful golden highlights. They are starting to tell us all about who they are as their unique little personalities pop forth. There is the dominant watch dog, the shy little cuddler, the talker, the wrestler, the prissy princess and the little pig pen. All an absolute joy! Jovi’s mom Kaitlyn is keeping tabs on all their traits so she can match them up with the best homes possible.
The 3 areas we focus on are Independence, Activity Level & Mental Maturity. The Independence score gives puppies a score based on how independent or dependent they are. A dependent puppy wants to be around you at all times. An independent puppy doesn’t. There are pros and cons to both. #1 is not independent, #10 is very independent. The Activity score scores a puppy based on how active they are. The score of #1 indicates a very shy puppy and a #10 is a very hyper puppy. Your puppy is scored based on where they fall. The last score is a Maturity score. It will score the pups based on how mentally mature they are. The faster they mature mentally typically the easier they are to train. #1 is a low starter, #10 catches on to everything first time. We are always high here. We also note size and conformation.Once we have the scores, we give the results to the first pick of the males and first pick of the females. They make their choice and we go down the line based on which buyer placed their deposit first. But usually they will pick you. Picture yourself in the  middle of this amazing batch of snowballs and your eyes come into contact with theirs and it’s some little thing they do or say…but you know that’s the one!
Did you know that in a recent study they found that eye contact between you and your dog increases the level of hormone activity in both resulting in happy people and happy puppies.

Check out their video….Yea puppy Breath!   Click here to see Jovies puppies

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

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