Summer Pups are on their way!!!

Congratulations to the very excited new puppy parents of Shilos latest gorgeous litter in Colorado! Luna and her mom Beth are absolutely the best pair ever. From her dedication to Service and Therapy dog education to continued AKC training and showing. Beth is an amazing hobby breeder who diligently brought Luna thru every step of the protocol to produce world class pups!  Yes they are all adopted but good news is we have several local California litters on the way. For those who are on our wait list or would love to be added. Please contact us ASAP as due to the pandemic, puppies are in amazing demand!  Complete Application (Click here)  and send to Michelle:  909-336-8795
Also in order to keep you and your pets in tip top shape please – pretty please follow Shilos Health and Nutrition Formula –  our top class natural food and supplements delivered right to your door! The immune boosters, pre and probiotics as well as complete spectrum of vitamin and mineral supplemented food and treats are the absolute best on the market. just ask any of Shilos 500 puppies! See Shilos Guide to perfect health.


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